How To Stand Out, Sell Out & Have Clients That Wouldn’t Even Dream Of Booking With Someone Else

How to stand out as a photographer
Client payment proof

This is the type of sale I do regularly because I stand out.

You probably heard that the photography market is oversaturated. And you’ve experienced it yourself – clients aren’t instantly booking, bargaining for prices and are „one hit wonders“ that never return.

They go to other photographers, take ages to finally book with you after a lot of follow-ups and do not value your work.

Well….there is ONE thing that will differentiate you to be a fully booked photographer from those that are constantly chasing clients:

you know how to stand out and create a first-class customer experience.

💥 You are the one that makes 5-figure months effortlessly.

💥 You are the one that never has to worry about your next client.

💥 You are the one that puts in the work. That makes it happen. That takes action towards your goals.

💥 That leaves your comfort zone and works on that dream.

But HOW are you going to stand out?

There is not just this ONE thing that makes you stand out as a photographer. It’s not your editing or picture style, your top notch equipment, the latest trend or preset and certainly never your price.

You stand out by creating a first-class customer experience. One that turns your clients into raving fans who book with you again and again and happily refer you.

👉🏼 I give you proven, easy, immediately actionable steps to make this happen also for you. Implemented, they will change your business forever. They will become the very heart and soul of it.

How will this guide help me?

I promise you that this guide will show you in easy and immediately actionable steps how you stand out as a photographer – by creating first-class customer experiences and that you will see positive changes in your business FAST.

When you know how to stand out and create truly first-class experiences, you make a name for yourself. You build a reputation that gets you fully booked on autopilot.

Knowing what makes you stand out and that you create experiences nobody else does (and having this confirmed by happy clients) is what makes you fully booked. 

With my PDF guide you…

  • Get easy steps how to stand out in your unique niche and area and how to create a first-class customer experience that brings in clients on autopilot.
  • Learn how to attract the right clients and turn them into raving fans that book with you again and again. Let them do the marketing for you by leaving 5*star reviews and happily referring you.
  • Be perceived as the specialist in your niche and the go-to photographer in your area. Stop the bargaining and instead get clients that are happy to pay you 4-5 figures.
  • Get the exact, proven strategy that I use myself and that has already worked for hundreds of other photographers
  • With this guide you’ll build a business you’re proud of and make a name for yourself. Turning inquiries into bookings will be easy.
  • Say goodbye to being average and the daily struggles of finding clients. Instead, say hello to stable, consistent income, ease and fun. Find the fulfillment and freedom you started your business for.

And the best is yet to come…. you get this life changing guide at a total no-brainer price of 14,- Euro. Hilarious, I know.

It’ll go up soon so grab your copy now!

Guide how to stand out as a photographer


In 2018 I quit my corporate job as a manager in a big international food company after 12 years – to follow my heart & passion and took my photography business from side hustle to full time.

Today I earn more in one shoot than I did in one month in my corporate job and manifested my dream home on the beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece earning money with my passion. I get paid to travel and work in dream destinations and built long-term client relationships. For me it was never about money; it was about fulfillment. About feeling deeply grateful when I see that my work brings joy to other people’s lives. About being my own boss and living life on my terms. About running a business the way I want.

As a seasoned photographer, entrepreneur, certified confidence coach, self-defense instructor and business mentor, I’m passionate to share my experience, intensive business skills and knowledge.

I’m here to show you how to make a living from your passion and scale your business to monthly 5-figures with my proven strategies that I developed over years in the photography business.

The guide How to stand out and How to create a first-class customer experience blew my mind! Together with the Email templates: JUST GOLD!

Don’t just expect a simple PDF file: it’s a very detailed, step-by-step guide. Easy to implement and so, so much background knowledge and value that it’s worth way more than what Vivien is charging! I also highly recommend the Email templates as they made my life so much easier – and helped to find my unique tone. I had so many „Aha!“ moments. I’m still implementing but I already received positive feedback to my emails – way more than I used to – and could land a new customer. Now I’m working on creating that first-class experience!

Thank you so much for creating this, it really made a difference in my business – and life as a photographer.

Peter R.


In the span of one zoom call with Vivien, she was able to give me so much clarity and direction for my business. She was able to give me confidence and affirmation, and point out little things that weren’t working in my business while also giving me solid advice to be able to turn them around. I so appreciate the time she took to look over my website and social media before our call, and her ability to give me constructive criticism without making me feel inadequate. I got so much out of our one conversation; I can’t imagine what heights she would help push you to if you are lucky enough to do one of her one-on-one courses. I highly recommend talking to her if you feel stuck, or directionless, or even just need a little affirmation on your journey.
Thanks so much!
Alexia Boyd

Flex Photography


Stop chasing clients.

Instead, attract clients, make them book with you instantly and have more than you can handle. Build a business you are proud of. Leave a legacy, stand out and sell out.

God gave you your talent and the desire to make a living from that for a reason.

Now it’s your job to make the most out of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this guide about?

This guide shows you simple, clear and immediately actionable steps how you stand out from your competition as a photographer. It shows you how you create a first-class customer experience when someone books you as their photographer.

I am just starting my photography business. Is the guide for me?

Yes, this guide is for all photographers, no matter if you are just starting out or in business already. As long as you aim to make a living from your photography, this is one of the most valuable pieces of information and instruction you can find.

Is this guide working for my niche?

Yes, the steps in this guide are designed to be implemented for all niches of photography.

How do I implement the steps in the guide?

The steps in the guide are very easy to understand and you can implement them to your business immediately.

I recommend reading the whole guide from start to finish first and then go back and implement every single step one after another.

The steps are designed to give your photography business a clear structure and unique touch so the implementation will never stop. They will become the heart and soul of your business. 

What if I have more questions? How can I contact you?

Ask away!

The easiest way to do that is to join my free Facebook group Fully Booked Photographer where you can message me directly any time and attend weekly live trainings.

OR you send me an email to hello@vivsvision.com 

I’m here to help you, so feel free to reach out!

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