12. + 13. DECEMBER from 20:00 – 22:00am CET (Berlin, Germany) via Zoom


Go from ghosted to fully booked in a saturated market and never worry about clients again!


It’s time to stop playing small!

It is time that we develop the confidence and know-how to run the show and to run our lives.

Stop sitting by waiting for bookings while your competition does one shoot after another. Today, we make the moves. We wait for no one. We make things happen.

We get to know our power and we show up for our business and for our lives. We started our businesses to have it all. And we will not sacrificing our desires in any area of life.

Those who know me, know my motto:

If I can do it, you can do it

Hi, I’m Vivien!

….the creative force not only behind the lens! I’m a business mentor and photographer specialized in architecture, interiors, yachts, and all things water sports photography. Originally from Germany, I’m now calling sunny Mykonos in Greece my home.

I’m no stranger to the travel bug, having trotted through over 40 countries since the age of 18. Now, as the brains behind Vivien Renziehausen Photography and Viv’s Vision, I’m on a mission to spill the secrets on how to stand out in the crowded photography scene and attract the rights clients easily wherever you go. I found a way to do that myself and became practically competitionless and if I can do it, you can do it, too.

Building successful (photography) businesses, helping fellow photographers stand out and skyrocket their income is my other passion next to photography. I’ve been featured in NYC Journal, Amazing Architecture and more. While you might not see your hidden superpowers, I have a talent to find it, help you craft unique offers people cannot say no to and make your business thrive.

So, if you’re ready to inject some magic and serious skill into your photography game, join me in the live workshop and have the opportunity to dust off your business and put in some fresh ideas!

What we’ll do

The weekend workshop is 100% live and interactive – that means you actually have to work.

You will not sit in front of your laptop listening to me for 2 hours and then go to sleep and forget about me again….no, no this is not gonna happen.

On day 1 we get to know each other and lay the foundation to creating your very own, individual secret sauce of your photography business.

I will show you my own strategy that keeps me VERY busy throughout the year and in every location I go, I will look into your existing offers, ask you some questions and together we will uncover some hidden gems you don’t even know they exist.

Ah, I almost forgot to mention there will be homework… because that’s our main ingredient for day 2 so don’t fall back into old school patterns and skip it!

With a hot tea or a glass of wine and your finished homework in front of you, we’ll pin down your very own and unique superpower and craft an absolutely irresistable offer, that fills the blank spaces in your calender in no time and makes you stand out like the Eiffel tower in the jungle.

This live workshop is not for you if you are allergic to work, different perspectives & mindset shifts or if you are afraid of clients and money in your bank account.

Over the last years I have helped many photographers to start and grow a business.

And I see the same thing again and again:

they often have a hard time believing in themselves and their work, are afraid to charge what they should charge and have no clue how to stand out from their competition.

They feel stuck around how to start a business, attract and sign up clients, sell great offers, earn their desired income, and run a profitable business.

My intention is this: 

to help you see your uniqueness, learn how to turn it into a great offer and earn the money you desire.

How much does it cost?

Every live workshop costs 197,- Euro per person.

Don’t say anything. I know. It’ll go up soon!

What if the live workshop is already booked?

If you are on the booking page and the  workshop is full, you will be redirected to another page where you can get yourself on the waitlist for the next workshop. People on the waitlist will get the info about a new workshop and the opportunity to join before everyone else.

Who can join? Who is this for?

All sorts, niches and levels of photographers can join. No matter if you are just starting out (pretty good actually as you’re starting out RIGHT after the weekend workshop) or are in business already for some time.

It also does not matter if you shoot portraits, animals, weddings, landscapes or whatever.

What if I reserved my spot and then for some reason cannot participate?

No problem. The weekend workshop will be recorded, you will still receive the homework and get your personal feedback from me via Email.

Do I have to prepare anything before?

Not really. Just bring good mood, a fresh and open mind, something to write and a coffee. Or tea. Or beer. Up to you.

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