Your Roadmap To A Well Paid Photographer – With My Strategies

You have the skills & the talent.

Learn how to get booked for it.

No matter if you already have a side hustle or consider going full time: talent alone doesn’t turn your hobby into a business.

In The Fast Lane To Success I show you how to get booked and establish yourself confidently in the high-price segment in order to make a living from your photography alone.

What is the difference between photographers that make a living with 5k-10k per month or more….

… and those who cannot make a living from it?

Including myself, I know many photographers that make between 5k-20k per month.

Can everyone do that? Probably not because it’s not easy.

The difference between a successful self-employed photographers and amateurs is not their talent. No matter how good your photos are – to make a living from it, it takes more than just talent.

Photographers that make good profit are more than just talented artists; they are entrepreneurs. 

Running a business means structure, strategy and business sense. You have to learn to be, act and think like an entrepreneur.

The good news: you can learn the business aspect. That is why I created The Fast Lane To Success where I personally help you with my knowledge, experience and know-how.

Learn how to make a living from your photography alone – in a container that is unlike any other online training.

Over a course of 12 weeks we will build a structure and a system that brings in the clients you want and gets you booked consistently.

Step by step in weekly LIVE Zoom trainings we will build your business together and create your personal branding, marketing strategy, pricing and offers. I will look into your business and create your individual strategies with you.

You will learn how to sell your services confidently and with ease and develop the winning mindset of a successful entrepreneur.


Every training will be recorded and gets into a structured online learning platform where you can watch it over and over again with lifetime access.


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Hi, I’m Vivien

I’m an award winning professional photographer and photography business coach. I’m here to help you make a living from your photography and live the life you want.

Over the past years I have helped several photographers to step into their power, stand out from their competition, start and grow their businesses. 

But not only that, I’ve also helped them to overcome mindset blocks and to evolve into self-confident business owners. We photographers did not start our own business to struggle with it every month, we put ourselves out there to do what we love and get paid for our magic – consistently!

Unfortunately, talent and skill alone doesn’t pay our bills. Photographers are not just talented artists, they are entrepreneurs. And unless we went to business school, we didn’t learn how to market ourselves to get booked, how to get established in the high-price segment and how to run a business.

Originally from Germany, I’ve successfully manifested sunny Mykonos in Greece my home along with a thriving photography business that gives me time and money freedom.

I know how to put you on the road to success, make you go from feeling overwhelmed & lost to feeling in control, confident and with a clear path to build a thriving business that attracts the right clients and gets you fully booked consistently.

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What clients say:

In the span of one zoom call with Vivien, she was able to give me so much clarity and direction for my business. She was able to give me confidence and affirmation, and point out little things that weren’t working in my business while also giving me solid advice to be able to turn them around. I so appreciate the time she took to look over my website and social media before our call, and her ability to give me constructive criticism without making me feel inadequate. I got so much out of our one conversation; I can’t imagine what heights she would help push you to if you are lucky enough to do one of her one-on-one courses. I highly recommend talking to her if you feel stuck, or directionless, or even just need a little affirmation on your journey.

Alexia B.

Photographer, Flexphotography

Vivien was super friendly and incredibly helpful to me, before our call she encouraged me and helped me dig deep with any questions I could think of before our meeting. Not only did she answer my several questions, she gave me amazing advice and really challenged me to a fresh perspective in areas where I have been struggling. The best part is that I never felt embarrassed or ashamed in where I’m struggling. She was so kind to me! Professional and ready to help was my experience. Would definitely recommend!

Alyssah S.

Photographer, Alyssah Smith Photography

What you’ll get




First things first. These trainings are about getting clear. Clarity about your goals, vision, business model, niche and clients are the first and most important steps to create a rock solid business foundation where we can build on. Go from feeling overwhelmed and lost to feeling in control with a clear path and a step-by-step process.




Talking about legal stuff like contracts, insurance and taxes, website, SEO, Social Media & your portfolio & materials. Looking into what’s already there & having a deep audit on how to structure your business is what builds the roadmap to success. This part is building upon the first pillar, clarity, and is the framework of your business.




We’ll work out how you stand out from your competition, how you establish yourself in the high-price segment, dive deep into pricing and crafting offers that people cannot say no to. We dive deep into branding and marketing. We’ll look into various methods and figure out your personal marketing strategy that attracts your ideal client on autopilot and creates consistent income.




The most important module. What most people don’t teach and don’t tell you: your mindset makes 50% of your success. If your mindset isn’t on board, you can be the best photographer in the world & still be broke. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to think like one. Learn to master your mindset & energy and program yourself for success in order to attract the right clients effortlessly.

Your end result:

Clarity, structure, strategy & a winning mindset = a profitable photography business, consistent income, fulfillment & fun!

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