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Viv’s Vision

Business Rocker | Photographer | Trailblazer | World Traveler | Human Being

Viv's Vision









Embark on the journey of your lifetime and turn your passion into profit!





Viv’s Vision is your premier address for online courses, personal mentoring and live workshops, tailor-made for aspiring photographers and online business owners that are ready to build and level up their business

Ladies, hear me out!

It’s time to stop playing small!

It is time that we develop the confidence and know-how to run the show and to run our lives.

Stop sitting by waiting for bookings while your competition does one shoot after another. Today, we make the moves. We wait for no one. We make things happen.

We get to know our power and we show up for our business and for our lives. We started our businesses to have it all. And we will not sacrifice our desires in any area of life.

Those who know me, know my motto:

If I can do it, you can do it! 

Hi, I’m Vivien!

….the creative force not only behind the lens! I’m a business mentor and photographer specialized in architecture, interiors, yachts, and all things water sports photography. Originally from Germany, I’m now calling sunny Mykonos in Greece my home.

Before deciding to pursue my true calling as a photographer, I spent more than 15 years in the corporate world. But the desire  of more fulfillment in life and to be my own boss led me to follow my heart and build my own photography business Vivien Renziehausen Photography from scratch.

Building successful (photography) businesses, helping fellow photographers stand out and skyrocket their income is my other passion next to photography. I’ve been featured in NYC Journal, Amazing Architecture and more. While you might not see your hidden superpowers, I have a talent to find it, help you craft unique offers people cannot say no to and make your business thrive.

I strongly believe that there is more to life than just the conventional 9-to-5 grind, and I am passionate about helping others discover this truth and build a business that lets them have a fulfilled life on their own terms.

I’ve seen it countless times: women having a hard time to believing in themselves and their work and to step into their power.

Oftentimes they feel stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to starting a business, attracting clients, create offers that selll, earn their desired income and to run a successful business.

I’m here to remind you what’s possible for you because I have been where you are now and believe me, I know what I’m talking about….

My work combines the practical parts of building a business with the energetical parts because I learned from experience that we have to „keep our house clean“ in both areas if we want to be successful.

My courses make starting your own business (not necessarily a photography business but ANY online business) easy and affordable. My personal guidance will catapult you onto the fast lane to success, ensuring that you avoid the same pitfalls I encountered along my journey.

So, are you ready to take the leap? Together, we will unlock the secrets of living your dream life by turning your passion into profit!

As seen in

Vivien Renziehausen Mykonos, founder of Dream Destination Photography Academy

Are you ready for your dream life?

Viv’s Vision teaches you how to quickly turn your (photography) passion into a profitable business.

I’ve simplified the process of building a successful business, making it both easy and affordable.

My courses and mentorings are not only for photographers but also for online business owners ready to level up their income.

Unlock the potential for unlimited income, earning more in a week than others do in a month. Take charge as your own boss, living life on your terms, with the freedom to set your schedule as you please.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Well, I’m living proof that it’s very true—this is exactly how my life looks.


How to stand out as a photographer: competition-proof your photography business and go from ghosted to fully booked

This course has been available as a workshop only for a long time but due to the high demand I’ve decided to turn it into a course so that more people have access to it.

Let’s inject some magic into your photography business and get your calendar busy while you become a niche unrivaled!

I show you how to craft an offer people cannot say no to and attract dream clients effortlessly.

Photography Foundations

Navigating the world of cameras and their myriad settings can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Fear not! In this course I share my tried-and-true methods to help you start your photography journey from scratch.

Discover how to choose the perfect camera for your unique needs and budget, unravel the mysteries of basic photography terminology, and demystify complex camera settings. I’ll guide you through a straightforward approach to capturing beautiful and professional-looking images FAST.

Photography Foundations focuses on the camera & shooting aspects only and is included in the Adventure Awaits course. So if you also want to learn about business basics, marketing etc., you might want to consider Adventure Awaits!

Adventure awaits

Discover the secrets to traveling the world while turning your passion for photography into a thriving business. In this comprehensive course, you’ll dive into the fundamentals of photography and acquire the skills needed to kickstart a successful photography business, allowing you to live and work from your dream destination (which can also be your home) or travel the world.

This course is designed to guide you through the process of establishing yourself in any location, whether it’s a short-term visit or a long-term stay. From understanding and mastering the basics of photography to generating income from day one, even if you’re unfamiliar with the area and lack prior experience, we’ve got you covered.

Adventure awaits contains all the lessons of Photography Foundations course plus many more!

Business Starter Kit

Perfect if you are not into designing and organizing.

For just 12,-€ you can get your photography business started in minutes with these fully customizable templates that organize your business!

Do not worry about looking professional, finding your personal branding, creating business cards, flyers, invoice templates and even a cash accounting sheet to keep your expenses and earnings on track right from the start!

Why choosing Viv’s Vision


  • Learn from an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur & world traveler
  • Tailored courses for photography beginners and those aspiring to turn their passion into a business
  • Tailored courses for those that already have an (online) business and are looking to skyrocket their income
  • Personal mentoring for a customized approach to your success
  • Exclusive live workshops and guided photography tours
  • Gain insights into building a business, finding clients, and standing out in a saturated market

Ready to turn your dreams into reality?


Why choosing Viv’s Vision 

  • Learn from an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur & world traveler
  • Tailored courses for photography beginners and those aspiring to turn their passion into a business
  • Tailored courses for those that already have an (0nline) business and are ready to skyrocket their income
  • Personal mentoring for a customized approach to your success
  • Exclusive live workshops and guided photography tours
  • Gain insights into building a business, finding clients, and standing out in a saturated market

Ready to turn your dreams into reality?












Personal mentoring

The secret to your success: personal mentoring.

Having someone who’s already been where you are now makes all the difference in building and leveling up your business.

In my personal mentorings I give you a roadmap tailored to your journey and  accelerating your progress. It’s not just an option; it’s the essential catalyst for turning your passion into a thriving business. Don’t settle for uncertainty—secure your success with personalized mentoring now!

Single mentoring session

In our 45-minute 1:1 Zoom session, we’ll tackle any business related topic you need help with. It could be a specific question or a general concern holding you back. To make the most of our time, jot down your questions before the call so we can address everything effectively. Let’s keep it simple and get you the clarity you’re looking for.

Fast Lane to Success

The Fast Lane To Success is my signature program for photographers that are really ready for success.

In 10 weeks we will build your photography business together. 5 Zoom calls and 24/7 personal support via Voxer will guarantee you that you will have your first paying client(s) by the end of this program.

This program isn’t for everyone. If you’re not prepared to put in the work, fully commit to your business over the next 10 weeks, and embrace advice, then this might not be the right fit for you. Success requires your active participation—being open to new ideas, mindset shifts, and constructive criticism as we craft your prosperous business and shape your new life.

Skyrocket Your Income

Skyrocket Your Income is not only for photographers but also for (online) business owners that are ready to level up.

If you want to establish your business and attract the right clients with ease, make money no matter where you are in the world, stand out and never worry again about competition and call in more money effortlessly, this is for you!

This mentoring will soon also be available as an online course.

Guided photo tours

Discover the beauty of Mykonos, Greece, with Vivien, who will personally guide you through the picturesque streets and iconic landmarks of Mykonos, sharing her expertise to help you capture breathtaking moments. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, Vivien will provide hands-on assistance, offering valuable insights into composition, lighting, and camera settings.

But it doesn’t end there. Vivien’s commitment goes beyond the lens. Gain invaluable tips for post-processing and editing to make your photos truly stand out. Engage in meaningful conversations about the art and business of photography, as Vivien generously shares her knowledge on building a successful photography business.











Frequently asked questions

I'm interested in photography but don't have any experience. How do I start?

The best starting point is the Foundations course where you get a good basic knowledge and overview for a very little price. If you decide then that this is not for you, you did not loose hundreds of Euro. If you decide this is exactly what you want to do and want to dive in deeper, the Fast Lane to Success is the next step. This will also be available as a course soon.

I want to be a digital nomad and travel the world. Is this working with a photography business?

YES! In my opinion, a photo business is perfect for that. I point out the reasons and advantages in the mini course and the Academy.

How do I find customers? Especially when I'm traveling?

Not hard at all. I’m talking about that in the Adventure Awaits course and very detailed all things marketing etc. in the Skyrocket Your Income course and mentoring.

Are your courses only for photographers?

Some are, some are not. The Skyrocket Your Income Course & Mentoring is for any (online) business owner, not only for photographers. You will see it in the description; if it is only for photographers, it’s clearly stated there.

I want to work 1:1 with you and get my business off the ground fast. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. You can book a single 1:1 session with me and we discuss any matter that you have or you can work 1:1 with me longterm in the Fast Lane To Success and we will build your business together.

How is the Business Starter Kit helping me?

The Business Starter Kit saves you A LOT of time. All you need for your business like cards, flyers, invoices, branding etc. is already made for you. You do not need to think about designs, layouts etc. – all you need to do is customize and you are ready to go!

Are you ready to start your business?

Take the fist step and lay the foundation for your personal freedom today!

Are you ready to start your business?

Take the first step and lay the foundation for your personal freedom today!

Who my courses are for

✅ Beginner photographers

✅ Photographers of almost all niches except wedding & studio photographers

✅ Creatives, artists, coaches and (online) business owners that are just starting out or already have an existing business


Who my courses are not for

❌ Photo studio & wedding photographers

❌ Anyone looking for a „get rich quick“ method

❌ Anyone not willing to put in some work

❌ Anyone not willing to see things differently & learn new methods

❌ Anyone allergic to constructive critisism